They'll turn us out to pasture now

We've earned a bit of clover

To factory, office, farm and plow

The bloody war is over


We have shared the hellish China trip

We have borne a lot together

The most enduring fellowship

Is made in stormy weather


If when your discharge sets you free

You roam to distant places

We hope you see in memory

Our starving North Point faces


Most of us will meet I think

To greet each year that passes

At least it's an excuse to drink

A few too many glasses


We gave our country duty pure

No bravado flaunting

We leave her service proudly sure

She has not found us wanting


And if again the call goes forth

Again you'll find me riding

Yes riding to the frozen North

To seek a place of hiding


They issue all their other stores

In such begrudging fashion

The scale of issue for these wars

Should be a single ration


So I'll ignore the call of war

Recruiting Sergeants yelping

The brainless bore that asks for more

Deserves a second helping


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