A Prisoner's Return


Who's that strange man, mother, sitting down there

With his chapstick and sandals and short clipped hair

Why can't he set at a table and eat like one of us

He keeps on mumbling "Kysang" does that mean a cuss?

He talks about his "feekaes" and "Krotski" as well

And this morning he yelled "Tenko there goes the bell"

Why don't he sleep on a bed instead on the floor?

And he goes to bed in a rain coat- what's that for?


Hush! hush! child he's your father he'll be allright before long

You see he was a soldier and went out to Hong Kong

He learned those funny habits while a prisoner in Nippon

He's quite harmless child so run along and climb upon his knee

And say "ohio" papa, "Taksan and Yerashi"

He'll soon be back to normal and forget about Japan

And we'll be happy ever after and there'll be no more Ryrang


O.C. Keenan


Winnipeg Grenadiers


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