Hong Kong Prison Blues


We're prisoners of war on the isle of Hong Kong

And hoping to God that it won't last long

Cause it's a hell of a place to be

It's hard on the morale

In a bloomin' corral

For a man that's always been free


I've got the Hong Kong blues

And the soles are off my shoes

My uniform is one big ragged tear

I've got the Hong Kong blues


And I'm longing for some news

Of the Homeland and the ones who really care

As I sit and scoff my rice

And scratch the bloomin' lice

That are camping in my underwear


Sure I'd trade my very soul

For some baccy, for a roll

To sort of ease the gnawing hunger there

So I'll pull my belt in tighter

And I feel a whole lot lighter


As the time drags on from day to day

Oh the flies are here in hordes

And my bed is hardwood boards

That hurt my blasted bones no matter how I lay


Now I appreciate it fully

When they mix a can of bully

With my Chinese wedding cake

I'm so happy that I'm silly

When they nearly fill my belly

I'm almost scared I'll get a belly ache


Then I go and wander around

With my eyes upon the ground

It's an army game that's known as shooting snipes

I use a needle pointed stick

And I'm very very quick

I can spear a butt or to fill my pipe


Oh I'm hungry and I'm weary

And I don't feel very cheery

And I'm kind of sick of strife and blood

But I've got one big ambition

And if I'm ever in position

I will fight like hell to even up the score


I've got the Hong Kong Blues

And I long for steaks and chews

And I dream of eggs with golden yellow yolks

I've got those Hong Kong prison blues


Oh the smokes that I could use

If I could only write back home and tell the folks

So I think I'll end this little ditty

Cause it really ain't so pretty

And the thoughts and thinking wouldn't go so nice

My guts are all crawling

And I hear a Sergeant howling

"Come and get it. Don't forget it

Come and get your little bowl of rice"


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