Old Hitler


I'll tell you a story now strange it may seem

Of Hitler the ? astonishing dream

He lay in a coffin a forgotten cast

And found that his passport to heaven ? last

But still up to heaven Old Hitler went straight

And proudly he goosestepped to the Golden Gate

But the angel on guard said in a voice loud and clear

Said on your way Hitler you can't come in here

Old Hitler replied at least you are civil

I suppose that means I can go to the devil

But Satan said Boys I'm giving you warning

I'm expecting Old Hitler the Nazi this morning

Now Adolf was listening and shivered with fear

Oh Satan, Oh Satan, the poor fellow cried

I heard what you said while standing outside

Please give me a corner, I've nowhere to go

But Satan cried a thousand times no

He kicked old Hitler's paradise and he vanished in smoke

And just at that moment he ? awoke

He was lying in bed all covered with sweat

Yelling Dr oh Dr, the worst night yet

I can't go to heaven I know that quite well

But it's damned ? lines to get kicked out of Hell


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