Nuttin' But Mutton


The "C" Force Brigade was a hard one to beat

They knew how to fight and they knew how to eat

With a natural love for Canadian meat

And a hearty abhorrence for Mutton

Vancouver to Hong Kong the voyage was stark

The ship "Awatea" with secrets so dark

Three species of beasts filled this Noah's Ark

They were Grenadiers, Rifles and Mutton


We scrambled aboard her poor innocent draft

None knew what provisions were stored in the craft

The Aussies had packed her forward and aft

The portholes were juttin' with Mutton

Many a tough sheep is asleep in the deep

That died of old age and storage is cheap

We eat it all day then weep in our sleep

The sheep that we counted was Mutton


A mutton chop for breakfast we managed to munch

They followed this up with boiled mutton for lunch

Stewed mutton for supper just strengthened our hunch

That our meals would be nuttin' but Mutton

Sheep boiled, roasted, stewed and fried

Our looks became sheepish, our patience was tried

Poor "C" Force was wilting cause Canadian pride

Just couldn't keep struttin' on Mutton

Rank, rotten and ripe was the redolent smell

As nauseous and gaseous as vapors from Hell

We pictured 5th columnists ringing a bell

Or pressing a button for mutton


A Grenadier swears that perhaps he was drunk

The odor of sheep was so strong in his bunk

He took out his clasp knife and cut off a chunk

And lay there just cuttin' up mutton

Oh bitter the ache for Canadian hams

We boarded like lions and landed like lambs

Australia knows where it can jam up the rams

Our cookhouse is shuttin' on mutton


It was thus our demoralization began

Complete in defeat with our war with Japan

We acted like sheep and some of us ran

And lost all our gutton on mutton

You may search through the ranks of "C" Force Brigade

For a lover of mutton and I'm not afraid

To bet all the wages I've ever been paid

That you won't find a glutton for Mutton


(Bowen Rd Hospital

POW Hong Kong)


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