A Mother's Letter


You may write a thousand letters to a girl you adore

And declare in every letter you love her more and more

You may praise her grace and beauty in a thousand glowing lines

And compare her "eyes austere" with the brightest star that shines

If you had the pen of Shakespeare you would use it every day

In composing written worship to a sweetheart far away


Youthful blood is flaming when you're writing to your love

You will rave about devotion swearing by the stars above

Raving by the moon's white splendour to the girl you adore

'Tis the one you'll cherish as no maid was loved before

You'll penful many a promise on pages white and dumb

That you can not live up to in the married years to come


But a letter far more precious bringing more and sweeter bliss

Is the one penned to mother from the lad she longs to kiss

She's the best friend you've had no matter what you say

She'll always hear you calling be it night or day

Your Dad may turn against you, your brothers and sisters too

But your Mother she'll stand by you no matter what you do

Her dear old heart is thinking each night she breathes a prayer

That God will bless her darling and be with him everywhere

Her heart grows more tender as her hair turns to gray

So sit down boys and send her a line today

Regardless of dictation its spelling or its style

Although its composition may provoke a critic's smile

She will read it very often when the lights are soft and low

Sealed in some corner where she nursed you long ago

In her old and trembling fingers it becomes a work of art

Stained with tears of gladness as she breathes God Bless his heart

Yes a letter of all   ?? look wherever you may roam

Is a letter to a mother of a dear son far from home


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