Malayan Melodrama


Rattle, sputter, crackle and stutter

Lewis guns and Brens all around

Bofors, mortars, ack-ack barrage

Help to swell the hellish sound


Overhead the Nippons war planes

Fill the sky with angry roars

Lie down flat you silly bleeders

This is what the world calls war


Men upon their bellies creeping

Through the rubber and the palm

Hungry dry bereft of sleeping

Knowing not a moments calm


Wading through marsh and swampland

Clothing stiff with mud and gore

On they go these helpless victims

Victims of the Gods of war


All around the men are dying

Fathers, brothers, husbands, sons

Some are dead and some are dying

Victims all of bombs and guns


Gasping groaning crying and moaning

Is this nature in the raw

No it's simply bloody murder

History books just call it war


Bleached and bloated stinking corpses

Lie unburied all around

Ants and flies and loathsome maggots

Use them for a breeding ground


They have died to save an Empire

Don't for God's sake ask what for

They were simply slain and butchered

In a Democratic war


While at home in Sendens (?) clubland

See ticker tapes flash in

Sharp declines united rubber

Down 10 points Malayan tin


Damn it I shall lose a packet

Lucky I've got plenty more

Waiter bring a double brandy

Yes! My Master this is war


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