Ode to a Can of M&V


Oh little can of M&V shipped to us across the sea

From Argentina's sunny shore, where there's herds of beef galore

Where peas and beans and carrots grow with corn and potatoes row on row

Oh M&V, Oh M&V you're the answer to a prisoner's plea

When the dark clouds shine their silver lining

I'll see your label brightly shining

A message of cheer to a prisoner of war

Who is hungry and weary, hungry and sore

Oh M&V I've waited oh so long for thee

I've dreamed of you meat so tender and good

When my empty stomach cries out for food

And now at last you grace our board

For M&V I thank the lord

I'll cut you open with a knife

To me you are the Staff of life

I hold you in my trembling hands

And sniff your fragrance oh so grand

I'll eat you slowly chew you well

I'm happy now in spite of Hell

And when you're gone I'll not forget

I'll have your memory with me yet

Your can I'll wash out for a tray

To hold my butts for a rainy day

Each time I look at you I'll grin

Although your but an empty tin

Hurrah for peas beans and corn

Hurrah for mines that produce tin

To held your luscious contents in

Hurrah for the Red Cross and may God Bless

The man who invented the canning process


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