To the Boys in Hospital


Cheer up you bums whatever comes

Just keep your chins up high

Help your chums and raise your thumbs

Let good cheer be your battle cry


This cussed war will soon be over

And sickness left behind

You'll hear no more the bombers roar

And peace at home you'll find


Just think of life with home and wife

And children round the door

Where surgeons knives and wounds and strifes

Can trouble you no more


You've got the guts you bunch of nuts

You jolly leather-necked Canucks

Life's full of ruts and kicks and cuts

But ride no matter how she bucks


Your stay out here may be quite drear

And you think it's a rotten shame

But never fear there's love and cheer

For the man who plays the game


So look ahead tho you're in the red

You're too damn tough to die

You've faced hot lead, and you're still not dead

Your luck is riding high


Your belly's weak and diseases sneak

Upon you in the night

The Doctor speaks of your narrow squeak

And says you put up a good fight


So cheer up I say, there'll come a day

When dreams will all come true

And we'll all be gay when we sail away

To the loved ones of me and you


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