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Date Event Remarks
Sept '09 Upgraded the search utility, fixed some links, and spruced up the site.  
June 08 Moved this web to I thought that Dad should have his own domain.  
May 08 Replaced cemetery marker photo to reflect addition of HK memorial emblem  
Apr 08 Added audio file of 1971 interview  
May 06 Changed look of pages slightly - more experimenting  
Apr 06 Added more references on the Related Links page  
19 Dec 05 Added Google search to the site  
28 Jan 05 Added links to similar sites to the "Related Links" page Email from Ron Parker
21 Dec 04 Made some minor format changes and minor corrections  
17 Oct 04 Just completed some site maintenance. With the higher security now imbedded in Internet Explorer 6 I found that my pages were not displaying correctly due to my use of Javascript. I've managed to delete the scripts and still keep the page accessible. If anyone has a problem with any page, please let me know.
9 Aug 04 Received an email from Harry Gyselman, known as "Goose" in Dad's diaries. Now I can clean up some of the question marks, as I was never sure if I was reading the name correctly from the original diaries. It was great to hear from Harry, as his name was mentioned many times in our home when I was a lad (some years ago).  
29 Mar 04 Moved the Winnipeg Grenadiers Photo Gallery - 1939 to the HKVCA Galleries site  
21 Mar 04 Site went down late Fri night ( 19 Mar) for an unknown reason. Now back up  
7 Mar 04 Thanks to folks like Tony Banham and Michael Palmer adding links to their sites, this site has now been visited by 45 folks from places like Canada, Hong Kong, UK, Mexico and USA. I hope that everyone found it interesting.  
 Feb 04 Site on-line in "Beta" mode