Disclaimer and Legal Stuff

I'm not a lawyer, so this will be brief. Some of the material on this site comes from unknown sources. Poems are an example. I have not knowingly violated any copyrights, but if you feel that I have, please email me with the details. I will either provide credit where credit is due, or remove the information.


Please note that the 1994 Interview in Stonewall This Month is reproduced by permission. I have the permission information on file.

Errors and Omissions

Mistakes are inevitable. If you find one I'd really appreciate if you could take a moment and inform me of it. I have a thick skin, and my aim is to be as accurate as I can. Your scrutiny will greatly assist me.


Note that in Dad's diaries there are spelling errors - in most cases I have not corrected the original entry.

Also, note that the diaries are a personal account, and may not be historically accurate. Dates on which major events occurred that I've checked with historical documents have in general proved to be accurate.