Pte C.R. (Dick) Trick - 1939

To Hell and Back

Growing up on a mixed dairy-grain farm in Manitoba in the 50's and 60's I had no idea of what my father had been through during and after the war years. While I understood that his health was not the best, I was much too busy to think much about it and what the circumstances might have been that caused it.

I grew up listening to his severe coughing bouts, but had no idea what caused them. I knew that he spent a lot of time journeying into Deere Lodge Hospital in Winnipeg, sometimes even staying for extended periods, but as he never talked about what had happened (and I never knew how to ask him), I had no appreciation of how the war changed his life.

Thanks to the Web, this memorial will add my father's experiences to the expanding body of public documentation relating to the Hong Kong veterans. His story is not unique, but read in conjunction with the other accounts will add to the depth of knowledge relating to this important part of our country's history.

The contents of this site centre around my father's war diaries and two interviews that took place quite some time after the war. I've also included some interesting photos, transcribed short wave transmissions, poems and some notes on Dad's post war work.

Jim Trick
Victoria, BC

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